Georgia DFIRM Contact Management System

Georgia Department for Natural Resources recognizes that coordinated outreach is vital to the sucess of floodplain management. To foster effective communication across the state, the Georgia Flood MAP program has created this powerful tool to collect, manage, and organize floodplain management stakeholders.

Searchable by name, title, organization and geography, the Contact Management System provides fast access to a growing roster of Georgia's Flood MAP staff, Floodplain Administrators, community officials, and others.

Click on the New User? Register here  link to access the system.

Why Register?

To help you coordinate with stakeholders and officials in your surrounding area, the Contact Management System provides tools like:

  • Search by partial or full name, email, phone, title, organization or assigned geography
  • One click email access from the Contacts Search Page
  • Generate custom contact lists and export them to PDF, Word and Excel
  • Looking from someone, but don't have a name? Our contact list is geographically indexed, so you can search forcontacts based on county, community, or watershed